I am deliciously flattered that you have finally found me. I’ve been waiting for you and it is no coincidence that you are here because my sensual energy has drawn you to me. Taste my words and fantasize about my petite, curvaceous body and intellectual mind dancing with yours in ways limited only by the time it takes for us to finally meet. 



I am the kind of woman who was born to live the quintessential girlfriend experience, authentic in ways you never imagined. I know no other way. When you kiss my full, tender lips, I feel a deep passion sinking into me and I want more. When you wrap your arms around my classic, hour glass figure, with one hand exploring my succulent breast, I will push my body into yours. But then, my girlish smile, huge, almond eyes and easy demeanor will take the moment, our greeting, and I will thank you for having visited my website.

Imagine the likeness of a classic, Italian actress reincarnated and with you. Picture a refined, brunette GFE Escort who is intelligent and sophisticated, that can carry her own one-on-one or in a group, that can laugh, have fun, and be silly, while exuding passion and totally focusing on you. Think of a petite, athletic yet shapely woman that has been generously blessed with the fullest of natural breasts and elegant curves just where you want them. Picture this woman dressed in chic attire that you cannot keep your eyes off and can’t wait to peel away.

I am the woman that many gentlemen dream to have by their side. I am the kind of woman that men find unattainable. I am, however, attainable and willing to accompany you to a black tie affair, an exotic vacation, a walk in the park, a discreet rendezvous, or whatever else you and I may dream up. Later, I might wrap myself between sateen sheets with nothing in between, awaiting your kiss, allowing our mutual cravings to mingle until we don’t know where your cravings start and mine end…



The versatility of my company will please you to no end. You will always find me in timeless, chic attire, your perfect compliment to any occasion that finds us playfully casual, sophisticatedly cultural, voraciously erotic or nakedly bare. What better way to wet our appetites than with some exquisite conversation to flavor the mood of the moment. Whether sharing a delicate bottle of Krug Clos du Mesnil at your favorite dining spot, catching the next flight to rendezvous at a secret getaway overseas or attending an exclusive black tie engagement, every ounce and layer of my being is classically female, through and through.

My essence is reserved for choice gentlemen who enjoy savoring the rare and exotic creature that I am. Discovering such a man awakens my sexual and intellectual energies. Whether leisurely exploring one another during the course of many hours, romancing each other for an extended weekend or simply indulging in a fleeting, erotic tryst, I am planning for our connection. No one can interrupt our world when we are together. Imagine our private engagement, one in which I might seduce you with my luxurious body, amorous talents and ardent passion. 

Whatever we decide to do, our sensual adventure will add spice to our mutual lasciviousness. Our conversation will be stimulating, informed, invigorating, enthusiastic, and comforting. You will find my down-to-earth attitude refreshing and will discover me to be a sincere, balanced, confident and discrete companion. My love affair with life has given me a healthy appetite for culture and for experiencing new people. Will you add to my experience?



I am a driven soul, determined to deliver an experience that is amazing in every way. I sincerely love what I do, and I put my everything into each encounter. You will find me authentic, patient and compassionate. I am fun loving, open-minded, highly intuitive, and a naturally enthusiastic person. I am all about providing a high quality experience that you will never forget.



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